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Tahoe Reno Data Center

Nestled within the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center just outside of Reno, NV, our newest data center boasts an expansive 20-acre campus and a whopping 300,000 square feet of cutting-edge data infrastructure. With its unbeatable combination of connectivity, tax advantages, and top-tier data center services, our Tahoe Reno data center is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking world-class colocation in Nevada.

Colocation reinvented

The Tahoe-Reno area in Nevada is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the United States, offering a unique combination of advantages that make it a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes. From its central location and excellent transportation links to its favorable tax climate and abundant renewable energy resources, our Tahoe Reno facility has a lot to offer. Here are a few reasons why we chose the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center for our new data center facility:

Connectivity icon

Exceptional Connectivity

With some of the fastest fiber in the United States

Sustainability icon

Abundant Renewable Energy

From wind, solar, and geothermal sources

Location icon

Prime Location

with easy access and fast connectivity to the Bay area

Lower taxes icon

Tax Abatements

Low sales and use tax, and now state income tax

Lower costs icon

Lower Power Costs

Access to dual generation power results in power costs lower than the national average.

Reno Data Center

Situated at the crossroads of major fiber routes, our Tahoe Reno Data Center is ideal for businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure. Located near Lake Tahoe sitting above 4,500 feet of elevation, it offers a high-altitude advantage, ensuring cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels for improved equipment performance.

Data Center Campus icon

20 acre campus with over 180,000 square feet of data center space

Kilowatt icon

Accomodates 250KW to 30MW clients

Substation icon

Centralized and secure on-campus 100MW substation with N+1 redundancy

Fiber icon

5ms West Coast latency

Security icon

Robust 24/7 security, 365 days a year, including robot and drone surveillance

Compliance icon

Adherent to SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA examination standards, and PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance

Reno Data Center Specifications:

Available Land

20 acres


6 10 MW data center halls

Total Building Size

300,000 Square feet

Power Availability

On-site 100 MW Substation


Crossroads of major fiber routes

Geographic Risk

Low risk


Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC)

Reno data center near Lake Tahoe | Nevada colocation | Novva Data Centers
Data Center Hall Space

180,000 sq. ft. white floor space

Utility Power

100MW N+1 onsite substation

Power Availability

138kV to 25V to 480kV


Water-free cooling, drought resistant landscaping


LEED aligned design

Utah Data Center | Novva Data Centers

UPS and SCR equipped diesel generators


Air cooled chillers - No water evaporation used to cool

Server Cabinet Cooling

Ambient temp 72 deg. with Hot Aisle Containment

Cooling Distribution

Perimeter fan walls

Power Distribution

Power whips or overhead bussing

Available Power Voltages

120v, 208v, 240v, 415v, 277v, 480v

Cooling Type

Waterless cooling

Utah Data Center | Novva Data Centers

On-site 24x7 staffing


100% uptime SLA


On-site 25x7 staffing, robotics on patrol, 3 Point Entry / 2FA


Full Perimeter Fencing/ Razor Wire at East/North Concrete Screen-Wall at South/West Entrance Gate Authorization


CCTV campus wide surveillance, external drone surveillance

Life Safety

CPR trained operators / AED devices

Utah Data Center in Salt Lake City | Novva Data Centers
Office Suites

Available dedicated office space


Comfortable seating & workspaces


Snacks, coffee and drinks available


Guest wifi available

Conference Rooms

Private conference rooms available

Salt Lake City Utah Data Center | Novva Data Centers
Diverse Carriers


Diverse Vaults and Building Entry


Lit Services


Blended Bandwidth Avaiable


BGP Peering


LACP Support


DIA Support


West Coast Latency


This is What Hyperscale Looks Like

Data centers can be beautiful, and we’re proud to work with the engineers, architects, and designers at AE Urbia, who help our vision of future-forward data centers come to life. Contact us today to schedule a tour and to find out what bespoke deployment looks like for your business.

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