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Blended Bandwidth Solutions

Redundant and reliable, blended bandwidth lowers your risk of downtime. Our resilient network gathers multiple Tier-1 carriers through a single, streamlined connection. Contact us today to learn more about blended bandwidth solutions for your business.

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What You'll Receive

Our blended bandwidth solution is available at Novva’s hyper-scale data centers in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and California. In addition to our expertly managed and consolidated resources, such as waterless cooling systems, on-site surveillance, and exhaustive risk management protocols, you’ll gain the following benefits:

Interrupt risk service

Decreased Risk of Service Interruption

Employing bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 carriers reduces your risk of interruption. When and if a carrier’s service falters, your traffic is routed automatically to one of our other carriers within seconds.

Expert management

Expertly Managed

We are constantly monitoring our network and our carrier networks for anomalies so we can quickly mitigate and resolve any issues to ensure a high level of service you can depend on.

Security icon

Highly Secure

Our network security is focused on comprehensive compliance, including PCI DDS, SOC 1 & 2, HIPAA, & HITRUST

Dependable Uptime

Zero uptime interruptions aren’t a benefit anymore, they’re a necessity. All Novva Data Centers are designed to meet our 24/7 uptime standards.

Premium Internet Blend Features

Redundant network

Diverse 10G connections come standard

Fair billing that mitigates price spikes due to traffic surges

Hyperscale icon

Bring your own IP prefix(es) or utilize ours

Substation icon

Multiple diverse 100G circuits to Tier 1 IP Transit Providers

BGP peering available with optional full routes

Real time monitoring

Real-time statistics, reporting, and notifications

Maintenance costs

Competitive IP pricing

Interrupt risk service

Volumetric DDoS mitigation comes standard

Redundant, Reliable Connectivity to Your IT Infrastructure

We designed Novva’s flagship data center just outside Salt Lake City, UT, to support today’s unmatched network demand. Our carrier-neutral facilities are designed to provide the most diverse and efficient data infrastructure and a highly redundant environment you can rely on. To learn more about blended bandwidth solutions at our data centers, contact us today!

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Enterprise-level blended bandwidth solutions allow your organization to host IT infrastructure off-site, with peace of mind.

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Blended Bandwidth FAQ

How can poor internet connectivity impact your employees?

Today, work hinges on reliable internet connectivity. If your critical internal tools and platforms go down or experience spotty connectivity, your team’s productivity goes down with it. Investing in reliable bandwidth and fast network speed is perhaps one of the best infrastructure investments you can make for your business.

How can poor internet connectivity impact customer experiences?

Your customers’ expectations are high in this fully digital age. They expect your website, application, or other digital assets to be available, functional, and fast 24/7. If your server experiences connectivity issues and routinely causes your site or application to go down, customers will notice and the value of your brand, in their eyes, will sink. Finding the right hosting environment for your servers is a critical investment you can’t afford to take lightly.

What is a carrier-neutral data center?

Unlike data centers operated by a single network provider, carrier-neutral data center operates independently. Because it’s not under the control of one ISP (Internet Service Provider), several carriers can service the data center. Customers using this type of data center benefit from the choice of more than one provider when it comes to network connectivity. Additional benefits are outlined below.

What are the benefits of using a carrier-neutral data center?

Benefits include cost, a reliable connection, and future flexibility.

  1. Improved Cost: Carrier-neutral data centers are an open market for ISPs, which means carriers must price services more competitively.
  2. A More Reliable Connection: Data centers that offer just one carrier face a greater likelihood of downtime when connectivity issues arise. However, carrier-neutral data centers offer peace of mind that if one carrier has a system failure, operations can quickly adapt to maintain your connection.
  3. Greater Flexibility for the Future: These types of facilities can more easily scale to meet your changing needs. When you choose a carrier-neutral data center, you’ll be able to pivot to solutions from various ISPs or cloud providers.

What is bandwidth?

Think of bandwidth as a capacity measurement. It alludes to how much data a wired or wireless telecommunications link can transmit across a network connection in one second. Bandwidth is often measured in bits, kilobits, megabits, or gigabits. Be careful not to confuse bandwidth with “speed.” These are two independent measurements that sometimes get (incorrectly) used interchangeably.

What is blended bandwidth?

Blended bandwidth is a feature many carrier-neutral data centers are known for. This type of aggregated infrastructure greatly reduces the downtime risks of a single-carrier connection. Instead, multiple upstream ISPs are “blended” into one highly available, reliable, and fast connection. Your website or application taps into the bandwidth you need — when you need it — from multiple providers who operate at a single point of contact and support. With custom, real-time adaptive routing, your website or application’s traffic receives the most efficient path to prevent latency or bottlenecks.

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