Turn-Key Data Solutions

When you need a solution for critical infrastructure quickly, our team can step in as an extension of yours. All your need to do is provide the hardware; we’ll handle the rest. Rapid deployments are our specialty.

Connect with our team for pricing information or to learn more about the range of solutions offered at our Utah, Colorado, and Nevada data centers.

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Eliminate the stress of data management

Outsourcing or moving your equipment to Novva Data Centers increases your efficiency without incurring high overhead or personnel costs. In addition to our innovative data facilities, we also have a team of data experts ready to help you eliminate the stress of when, where, and how to grow your data capabilities.

Trusting your data infrastructure to our experienced technicians not only makes data scaling easier, but it also makes your data safer – thanks to our commitment to the highest security standards in the industry.

At Novva, you can get access to a scalable data solution that’s ready when you are.

The benefits of turn-key service:

Expert management

Collaborative Data Team

Our team becomes an extension of yours. You’ll benefit from our team’s combined experience troubleshooting and employing creative solutions to a host of IT issues.

Interrupt risk service

24/7 Monitoring and Support

We don’t just respond to problems – we actively work to prevent them before they happen. 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, proactive system improvements, network administration, and data backups are critical for smart data management. With our seasoned engineers and technical experts, we have built a resilient and secure data center campus.

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Proactive Digital Security

Novva prevents losses in productivity with timely data security updates and maintenance of Microsoft 365 or AWS. This works in tandem with our on-site security to give 360-degree protection of your data both physically and digitally.


Strategic Data Consultations

For questions about data strategy, how to scale, or which services to deploy, our team is ready to help. Our expertise in data can help you make informed decisions about the future of your business.

Full-service data management from Novva

If full-service data management sounds like the right solution for you, contact us. Learn how we can help your organization protect, manage, scale, and futureproof your data.

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Located in two of the fastest growing states in the West, Novva operates data centers in both Colorado and Utah. Our data center just outside of Salt Lake City is the largest hyperscale facility in the state.

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