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With custom security and compliance capabilities, spacious data floors, and flexible leasing terms, Novva offers your enterprise organization the IT capacity you need today and tomorrow.

Learn how a Novva private data center is the cost-effective yet powerful data solution for organizations requiring 10-megawatt power usage and above.

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What is a private wholesale data center?

Unlike retail colocation, involving just a small space within a much-larger data center. Wholesale data centers are separate large-scale data facilities that can be independently leased for unmatched privacy and flexible compliance capabilities. Wholesale colocation is a smart solution for large organizations’ enterprise-level power and data needs. To minimize overhead and reduce infrastructure costs, many of today’s leading corporations choose to lease wholesale data centers rather than constructing and managing their own.

The benefits of leasing a wholesale data center:

Leasing, rather than buying or building, can be the most cost-effective solution for scaling your data. Here’s why:

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No high upfront costs

The cost of construction, daily management, and hardware is expensive and takes significant upfront investment and knowledge that could be allocated to other areas of your organization.

Maintenance costs

No ongoing hardware costs

IT infrastructure depreciates quickly with our rapidly evolving technology. Depreciating assets are expensive to maintain and even more expensive to replace several years down the road.

No recurring costs

No costly maintenance and management

An in-house data center requires more than just hardware; you’ll have to maintain redundant broadband network connections, a vast grid of electrical power, cooling systems, and an internal group of network engineers and security personnel.

With Novva, you don’t need to invest in a multi-million-dollar facility or struggle with managing a data center just to secure reliable data services that fit with the size and scale of your organization. Instead, partner with one of Novva’s future-proof data centers for faster migration and unparalleled convenience.

Is a Novva private wholesale data center right for you?

Wholesale colocation may be a good choice for large companies that require:

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Unlike colocation facilities where other companies’ personnel can be in close proximity to your servers, a wholesale facility has the added security of even more stringent access controls; only your staff and vetted staff members of the data center will be allowed in your privately leased facility.

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Most retail colocation facilities have a ceiling as to the power that can be provided to any specific area and to the facility as a whole. As you and other tenants grow, the amount of available power becomes scarcer. With an enterprise private data center, Novva will allocate enough power to your building for today’s footprint as well as future growth.

Private Wholesale Buildings | Colocation Services | Novva Data Centers | Salt Lake City UT | Colorado Springs CO

For those organizations that must meet regulatory standards such as HIPAA, FINRA, GDPR, or others, a private data center guarantees compliance thanks to custom network engineering. Comparatively, retail colocation facilities may or may not have the specific regulatory standards you need – especially in the location, size, and price you need.

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Our private wholesale data centers can be built to spec so you receive the total square feet your IT infrastructure requires, with room to grow in the future.

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Thousands or tens of thousands of servers might need a more flexible design approach: for example, multiple power distribution systems, targeted cooling to possible hot spots, and more in-depth environmental monitoring. These design features point to the need for a wholesale contract where the entire data ecosystem be personalized as to the customer’s needs.

Efficiently designed. Expertly managed.

Wholesale data centers from Novva

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