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In the world of technology, the data center is one of the most critical IT infrastructure components. As society continues to generate and rely on vast amounts of digital data, the importance of data centers has grown significantly. Wholesale data centers, in particular, have emerged as a popular solution for businesses looking to manage their IT needs cost-effectively. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of wholesale data centers and their importance for modern-day businesses.

Understanding Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale data centers offer a range of benefits to businesses, such as providing access to state-of-the-art hardware, network connectivity, power infrastructure, and comprehensive support services. Large-scale corporations and cloud service providers typically lease space in these facilities to house their data hardware.

What are Wholesale Data Centers?

Wholesale data centers are purpose-built facilities designed to offer large-scale IT infrastructure solutions to businesses and organizations. In a wholesale data center, businesses lease a specific portion of space and have complete control over the IT infrastructure. That means they can install their own hardware, network devices, and other data infrastructure equipment in a space designated solely for their use. Wholesale data center pricing varies based on the space and resources used.

Key Features

Wholesale data centers have several key characteristics that differentiate them from other types of data centers. These large-scale facilities typically provide a top-to-bottom IT infrastructure solution for businesses. They provide several features to meet the specific needs of organizations and offer a range of customized services. Additional features may include remote hands support, disaster recovery services, and cloud computing capabilities.


Data centers often include network infrastructure, power supply, cooling, security, and backup systems. These components ensure that the data center operates efficiently and effectively.

Types of Data Centers

There are three primary types of data centers: retail, wholesale, and colocation.

Retail Data Centers

Retail data centers are small-scale facilities designed to provide individual businesses with data storage and management services. These facilities offer limited scalability and capacity, making them suitable for small businesses or startups with modest data storage needs.

Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale data centers are large-scale facilities designed to provide data storage and management services to multiple businesses. These facilities offer increased scalability and capacity, making them suitable for medium businesses to large-sized enterprises. Wholesale data center space can go to a single business or be split and leased to several businesses.

Colocation Data Centers

Colocation data centers are similar to wholesale data centers in that they are designed to provide data storage and management services to multiple businesses. However, colocation data centers offer a more flexible and customizable infrastructure, allowing companies to design and maintain their own IT environment within the data center.

Learn more about colocation from Novva’s data colocation guide.

Colocation data center in Salt Lake City, Utah, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, Reno | Novva Data Centers

Importance of a Wholesale Data Center for Businesses and Industries

Wholesale data centers offer several key benefits to businesses, enterprises, and industries. They provide state-of-the-art hardware and software infrastructure, making it easier for organizations to manage their IT needs. They also offer the scalability and flexibility that enables businesses to expand their IT infrastructure as their needs grow. Additionally, wholesale data centers provide cost savings, as companies can lease space and secure resources at a lower price than building and managing their own data center.

What is a Wholesale Colocation Data Center?

In a wholesale colocation data center, businesses lease a specific portion of space and have complete control over the IT infrastructure. Wholesale colocation data centers also offer shared infrastructure resources, such as network connectivity and power supply, making them ideal for organizations that require flexible data infrastructure.

Wholesale Data Center Vs. Retail Data Center

The primary difference between wholesale and retail data centers is the scale. Wholesale data centers typically house data from large corporations or cloud service providers, while retail data centers service small to medium-sized businesses. In a retail data center, each tenant has their own dedicated space within the facility. In a wholesale data center, businesses lease a specific portion of space.

Scalability & Capacity Advantages of Wholesale Data Centers

The wholesale data center’s advantages in scalability and capacity enable businesses to scale their IT infrastructure without significant capital investment. Wholesale colocation data centers offer shared infrastructure resources, which allows the wholesale data center capacity to be allocated based on need. Wholesale colocation data centers also offer flexible and customizable services, enabling businesses to meet their specific IT needs. That flexibility allows a wholesale facility to house a scalable data center.

Wholesale data center solutions can help businesses and industries that require large-scale data storage and management solutions. Wholesale data centers provide cost-effective solutions, making them an attractive option for businesses that want to manage their data efficiently. Wholesale data centers play an essential role in modern-day IT infrastructure, offering a range of benefits to all sizes and types of companies.

Medium to large-sized businesses, high-tech companies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and government agencies can all benefit from wholesale data centers.

What is a wholesale data center | private wholesale data center buildings | Novva Data Centers

Wholesale Data Center Providers & Services

Wholesale data centers are massive facilities that offer businesses the space and infrastructure they need to house their IT operations. These facilities have a range of physical infrastructure, including raised floors, electrical distribution, backup generators, cooling systems, and security.
Wholesale data center providers offer a range of services. Wholesale data center services provide network connectivity, power infrastructure, advanced cooling, and security features and protocols.

Wholesale data centers ensure your critical data remains connected, accessible, and secure by creating an infrastructure with redundancies for all the systems that create the ideal environment.

Novva’s Hyper-scale Data Centers

Advanced wholesale data centers, like Novva, provide top-of-the-line versions of these services, like waterless cooling and robotic security.

Novva’s Waterless Cooling Systems

Novva uses a unique waterless cooling system, which cools servers 75 percent more efficiently than traditional cooling systems. In addition to this feat, our cutting-edge water utilization efficiency saves millions of gallons of water every year, setting a new standard that our competitors simply can’t match.

Novva’s Robot Security

Robots monitor the entire data center facility 24/7, ensuring the safety and security of business operations.

With a focus on scaling up, Novva values sustainability. They have data centers using renewable energy in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. These systems ensure that businesses can operate their IT infrastructure without any downtime.

Connectivity Options and Network Infrastructure

Wholesale data centers offer high-bandwidth connectivity options to ensure fast and reliable data transfer. These connectivity options include fiber-optic connections, high-speed internet, and dedicated networking solutions.

Security Measures and Protocols

Wholesale data centers make security a top priority. They have a range of security measures and protocols in place to protect the data centers and the businesses that use them. Wholesale data centers use digital and physical security measures to secure your data. As with most other systems, wholesale data centers duplicate their security systems for redundancy to add extra layers of security.

wholesale data centers in Utah | What is a wholesale data center | Novva Data Centers

Benefits and Advantages of Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale data center benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Customizability
  • Dedicated Infrastructure and Control
  • Scalability and Potential For Growth and Expansion

Considerations for Choosing a Wholesale Data Center

Choosing the right wholesale data center can be crucial for businesses. The quality of the data center can impact everything from security to operations and customer experience. The following outlines the key factors companies should consider when evaluating wholesale data center providers.

Wholesale Data Center Pricing

The cost to use a wholesale data center varies based on the location and the provider. Evaluate the wholesale data center cost from different providers to choose the one that offers a good value for your business.

Wholesale Data Center Space

Depending on the size of your business and the amount of data storage you require, the amount of space you need in the data center may vary. Evaluate the space options available from different providers to determine which can best accommodate your needs.

Location and Proximity to Target Markets

The data center’s location can be critical for many businesses. Proximity to target markets can impact latency and speed of delivery. Remember to consider this factor when choosing a wholesale data center provider.

Reliability, Uptime, and SLA Guarantees

Businesses depend on the reliability and uptime of their data center infrastructure to provide essential services. Evaluate service level agreement (SLA) guarantees and uptime percentages when choosing a wholesale data center provider.

Scalability and Future-Proofing Capabilities

As businesses change and grow, so do their data center needs. Choose a wholesale data center provider with scalable infrastructure to accommodate future growth.

What is a wholesale data center | private wholesale data colocation facility | Novva Data Centers

Novva Data Centers

Novva data centers are strategically placed in locations that offer the best proximity to target markets while still receiving important cost reductions.

Novva operates the following premium data center locations:

Utah Data Center

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, this data center provides affordable data storage and processing for businesses looking for reliable infrastructure without the high costs of traditional data centers.

Colorado Data Center

The Aurora, Colorado Data Center supports businesses looking to improve their infrastructure and benefit from Colorado’s favorable business climate.

Las Vegas Data Center

Located in North Las Vegas, Nevada, this data center provides businesses seeking high-quality data center services with access to a fast-growing market.

Reno Data Center

The Novva Data Center in Reno, Nevada, this data center offers businesses the benefits of a well-established business center.

San Francisco Data Center

Our 7.5-acre data center campus in San Francisco’s northern bay area offers 36MW of critical load, embodying Novva’s futuristic vision for the most innovative and eco-friendly data center in the United States.

Industries and Businesses Benefiting From Wholesale Data Centers

From healthcare to finance, businesses in various industries have benefited from wholesale data center solutions. Understanding how your industry can benefit can help you make an informed decision.

Real-World Use Cases

Wholesale data centers provide businesses and industries with reliable and scalable data storage and management solutions. With their advanced infrastructure, high-bandwidth connectivity, and robust security measures, wholesale data centers offer numerous benefits and advantages for businesses looking to expand their operations.

Novva Data Centers offer state-of-the-art facilities strategically placed in locations that maximize business benefits. To learn more about Novva Data Centers, schedule a tour, become a partner, or contact Novva Data Centers today.

What is the difference between wholesale and multi-tenant colocation?

Wholesale colocation at a wholesale data center will usually be sectioned off by a gate or private suite to increase security and exclusivity. The colocation is typically provided to a large corporation, government agency, or service provider in these applications. Multi-tenant colocation at a multi-tenant data center is more suited to startups and smaller businesses. These facilities are built to serve multiple tenants and are seen as more scalable and cost-effective for these organizations due to resource sharing.