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By now, you probably know that our team here at Novva is extraordinarily dedicated and invested in sustainability. From the proprietary water-free cooling present in our various facilities to our CEO Wes Swenson’s contribution to Greener Data and the meticulous environmentally friendly design aspects baked into the planning process for all of our data centers, we are constantly working toward ensuring our operations are sustainable, and our impact on the environment is favorable.

Top 5 Sustainability Holidays Worth Celebrating

With many gearing up for Earth Day celebrations and initiatives, we wanted to explore ways to pay homage to Mother Earth in April and pinpoint other occasions to celebrate sustainability year-round. That’s why we’ve compiled some top picks for sustainability holidays you should watch throughout the year.

Earth Day – April 22, 2023 – Probably the most iconic and well-known of all environmentally focused holidays, Earth Day is undoubtedly at the top of every list regarding honoring our planet. Observed April 22, the Earth Day mission “is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide” and encourages others to invest in our planet through education, donations, environmental cleanups, and more. Earth Day falls within the wider Earth Month, which provides an opportunity throughout April to raise ecological awareness and reflect on the most pressing issues affecting the planet.

World Ocean Day – June 8, 2023 – With the ocean accounting for more than 70% of the earth’s mass, it’s safe to say these vital bodies of water are a significant component of life around the globe. In partnering with zoos, aquariums, youth organizations, and more, World Ocean Day strives to rally around ocean and climate action throughout the year to protect and restore the ocean. While June marks the official holiday, events and activities are encouraged to be taken year-round.

World Water Week – August 20-24, 2023 – Have we mentioned that water is essential? Here at Novva, water conservation is critical as we strive to change our industry’s long-time reliance on natural resources and opt for less wasteful alternatives. That’s why we’ve included World Water Week on this list. Celebrated in August, World Water Week has been held every year since 1991 and currently stands as the “leading conference on global water issues.” If you want to get involved, this year’s theme is Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions For a Water-Wise World.

Zero Emissions Day – September 21, 2023 – Potentially one of the few positives to come out of the COVID lockdown in 2020, Zero Emissions Day aims to raise awareness of the impact that our daily lives can have on the environment, including emissions from electricity, agriculture, transportation, and more. The drop in emissions – and as a result, air pollution  –  that was seen during the COVID lockdown serves as an unofficial case study into how changes to our daily lives and habits can ultimately have a positive impact on emissions, not just on Zero Emissions Day, but every day.

International Polar Bear Day – February 27, 2024 – It’s safe to say much of the world has seen the now infamous starving polar bear photograph from 2015 that sparked a growing debate around climate change. Polar Bears have become an unofficial mascot to address climate change, so it makes sense that a day is dedicated to honoring them. Much like other sustainability-focused holidays, Polar Bear Day looks to educate the public about ways to positively impact our environment and, as a result, the longevity of this endangered species.

Celebrate Sustainability Year-Round

While these are our top 5 picks, they aren’t the only sustainability holidays. There are myriads of organizations and celebrations alike to save our planet through education and action. Some of the most impactful ways to affect change are in your daily routines and life. Working exclusively with like-minded vendors and partners, prioritizing lower-transmission transportation in your daily commute, and making small changes in your home are just some ways to bridge the gap and celebrate the earth between sustainability holidays.

For more ways to celebrate the environment throughout the year, browse this comprehensive list of 65 green holidays.