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When it comes to data management and infrastructure, having a trusted partner who speaks your language and understands your unique needs is invaluable. That’s why we’re introducing you to our very own “Data Center Dictionary” — a guide to understanding the essential data center terminology and concepts that not only apply across the industry but also shed light on how a strategic partner like Novva Data Centers can transform your data management experience. So, let’s dive in and demystify some key industry terms and what sets Novva apart in the world of data management.

Data Center Terminology Demystified

Autonomous Private Data Center Suites:

Autonomous Private Data Center Suites are self-contained, self-managed data center spaces that provide businesses with dedicated infrastructure, power, cooling, and security, allowing them to have complete control and autonomy over their data center operations. Nova offers autonomous private data center suites designed to give you the freedom and privacy you need while benefiting from the infrastructure and security of a multi-tenant environment.

Blended Bandwidth Solutions:

Blended Bandwidth Solutions combine multiple internet connections from different service providers to create a single, more reliable, high-performing network connection. Novva understands that fast, reliable connectivity is essential. Our blended bandwidth solutions offer the flexibility and speed your business requires, ensuring that you’re always connected and in control.

Hyperscale Data Center Solution:

Hyperscale Data Center Solutions provides a highly scalable and high-performance infrastructure designed to handle massive amounts of data and support the growing demands of cloud computing, big data, and other resource-intensive applications, typically operated by large tech companies or cloud service providers.

Scalability is at the core of Novva’s mission. Our hyperscale data center solutions provide the size and scale you need to accommodate your growing data infrastructure, ensuring that you have the capacity to expand seamlessly.

Multi-Tenant Colocation:

Multi-Tenant Colocation is a data center facility where multiple businesses and organizations share the same physical space and infrastructure, allowing them to colocate their IT equipment, network resources, and servers while benefiting from shared resources, cost efficiencies, and robust connectivity options. Our multi-tenant colocation services allow you to benefit from a shared data center infrastructure, reducing costs while maintaining the high-level security and reliability you demand.

Purpose-Built Data Center:

entrance to data centerA Purpose-Built Data Center is a facility specifically designed and constructed to meet the unique requirements of hosting and managing data-intensive applications, providing optimal power, cooling, security, and connectivity features tailored for efficient data storage and processing operations.

Novva’s facilities are meticulously planned and purpose-built to serve the needs of today and tomorrow. We understand the importance of IT infrastructure in the modern business landscape, and our data centers are a testament to that understanding.

Turnkey Data Center Solutions:

Turnkey Data Center Solutions are comprehensive and ready-to-use systems that provide all the necessary infrastructure and services for housing and managing IT equipment. At Novva, we pride ourselves on delivering turnkey data center solutions that empower your organization to focus on what it does best while we take care of your IT infrastructure needs. Our solutions are comprehensive and ready to use, eliminating the hassles of managing critical infrastructure.

Water-Free Cooling:

Water-Free Cooling is a cooling system used in data centers that eliminates the need for water-based cooling methods, such as traditional cooling towers or water-based heat exchangers, by utilizing alternative techniques like air or liquid cooling systems, reducing water consumption and environmental impact. In an age where sustainability is paramount, Novva leads the way with water-free cooling solutions. Our data centers are designed with the environment in mind, reducing the impact on local water resources while maintaining optimal operating conditions.


image of Novva's robotic security dog standing in front of the data center's command center

One unforgettable part of our Utah data center campus tours is our robotic Boston Dynamics dog, known as WIRE. WIRE stands for Wes’ Industrious Robot Employee because he’s a companion to our CEO Wes Swenson and the whole security team at Novva. As the watchdog of our flagship campus, WIRE is trained to run predetermined missions throughout the data centers monitoring for unidentified visitors, rising temperatures in server rooms, and other abnormalities that might require human attention. Find out more about WIRE in this feature story from Data Center Dynamics.

Wholesale Data Center:

A Wholesale Data Center is a facility that provides large-scale, dedicated space and resources for businesses to house their IT infrastructure on a lease basis, offering cost savings and robust infrastructure management. Our state-of-the-art wholesale data centers are designed to cater to the unique IT requirements of local, national, and international businesses. We provide the space, power, and security you need, allowing you to grow and expand without worry.


Wholocation, a proprietary term coined by Novva, represents a unique data center service that seamlessly combines the cost-effectiveness of multi-tenant colocation with the flexibility and substantial infrastructure options traditionally associated with wholesale providers.

Leveraging modular design and rapid deployment capabilities, Novva ensures clients enjoy expertly designed, provisioned, and meticulously maintained spaces, offering unmatched agility to scale and meet dynamic business demands.

Novva Data Centers – Your Trusted Partner

At Novva, we see ourselves as your strategic partner, not just when it comes to data center terminology but also in the complex world of data management and infrastructure. Our commitment extends

beyond delivering state-of-the-art solutions to cater to a wide range of industries and business sizes. We’re here to assure you that your data is not just secure but in the capable hands of a dedicated partner. Our secure, sustainably built data centers in Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, and Reno are more than just physical facilities; they’re the embodiment of our promise to safeguard your data and support your growth.

So, whether you’re in search of a turnkey data center solution designed to simplify your IT infrastructure management, a reliable blended bandwidth option to ensure you’re always connected, or the scalability of a hyper-scale data center to support your expanding needs, Novva is more than just a service provider – we’re your trusted partner. Ready to explore the Novva difference? Contact us today to discover what Novva Data Centers can do for you and your organization.