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Recently, our very own Wes Swenson, CEO, had the chance to participate in the Data Movers Podcast, hosted by JSA CEO Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and renowned social influencer, Evan Kirstel. The trio discussed innovation, technology, and Novva Data Center’s new flagship data center in West Jordan, Utah.

Resting on 100 acres, 5,000 feet up the shoulder of the Wasatch Mountain Range, this state-of-the-art data center opened to the public last week with 330,000 square feet of space and will span 1.5 million square feet once complete, making it the largest in the state.

Aside from the state’s beautiful landscape, there are other reasons Wes chose to build Novva’s flagship data center in Utah. The cold desert climate allows Novva to improve its conservation by taking advantage of the high altitude, low temperatures, and low humidity. The facility uses a waterless cooling system to combine surrounding air, heat exchange coils, and refrigerant for warm periods to keep the data center cool.

In this dynamic Data Movers podcast, Wes talks about how his passion for technology and natural affinity for constant change led to his current role as CEO of Novva. While quickly establishing its reputation as a leader in purpose-building data centers for the future, Novva has equipped its Utah campus with groundbreaking technology such as robot dogs to greet patrons and a digital drone equipped with 4K live video, infrared, and the night vision to safeguard the vast campus day and night.

“I spent many years at data center software and equipment companies before running an actual data center,” said Wes. “To me, data centers are the physical side of technology, so building and running them really excites me. I also embrace innovation and change and feel like this industry is ripe for disruption.”