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Our data center in Salt Lake City has finally been revealed!

On September 21, we welcomed friends, family, customers, and local dignitaries alike to the facility’s Grand Opening to see what we have worked so hard to accomplish. Complete with food, drinks, entertainment, and facility tours, the event gave visitors a chance to explore the building in its entirety to learn a little bit about what makes Novva Data Centers unique.

Guests also interacted with WIRE, our robot facility monitoring dog, as he completed a survey loop around the main lobby. WIRE navigated the area while guests looked on and tested his object avoidance skills by intercepting his path. West Jordan Mayor Dirk Burton enjoyed this immensely. It was a pleasure having the Mayor attend, and our Novva team had a wonderful time giving him a personal tour and explaining the economic opportunity that the facility presents to the area.

Tours were given of the data center floor, a unique opportunity that many were eager to take advantage of. The Novva team took groups around the massive 100,000 square foot space that will triple in size throughout three additional construction phases and provided a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes areas as well. Guests explored unique features of the data center space such as the power room and the massive wall fans which are just one aspect of the complex and unique waterless cooling system the facility employs.

The evening concluded with a speech by our CEO, Wes Swenson, detailing his vision and thanking the Novva team for their commitment to bringing it to life. Swenson shared his philosophy and some insights into his fresh ideas about the data center industry. “This is a longtime vision of mine,” states Swenson, “to build something like this and to present it to clients. I think tomorrow’s data centers should be just like this – built not just for technology, but for people too.”</p

Novva’s Utah facility will be available for tours up until mid-November when it will close to the public. To schedule a tour, call 1.888.NOVVADC or email [email protected]