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In a recent interview published in the Denver Times, CEO Wes Swenson discussed Novva’s newly opened flagship campus and shared some of the more exciting futuristic technologies deployed at the facility. He elaborated on the importance of these high-tech features and how they contribute to the increasing demands of the data center industry. Today we are creating more data than ever, catapulting the demand for increased storage that is both scalable and safe. One of the largest data centers in the country, the facility is built with space for present and future tenants alike, a response that Wes says is needed for what he considers to be inevitable.

“It takes about 300 milliseconds to blink. We’re moving data at 10 to 20 milliseconds across the United States,” “I just don’t ever see these [data centers] going away. I think they’re here to stay. Forever,” said Swenson during the full interview.

Arguably one of the most defining features of this massive facility is the state-of-the-art security and monitoring system that includes robot dogs and autonomous drones. WIRE, Novva’s on-site robot dog, upholds a high-security standard via facial recognition technology and is able to scan hardware and alert staff of any abnormalities, such as machines overheating. The facility’s drones work in tandem with WIRE to patrol the exterior of the building using infrared sensor technology.

Novva is also dedicated to minimizing its carbon footprint, which has historically been massive for data centers. Waterless cooling uses the circulation of cooler air to keep the center’s temperature down instead of the more common and wasteful methods that use water.

To learn more about the facility’s unique features, you can read or watch the full interview here.

Novva Data Centers CEO Wes Swenson | Future of Data Centers

Novva Data Centers CEO Wes Swenson designs and creates future-proof data center technology, such as autonomous robot security dogs.