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A Look at Our Top 3 Highlights of 2021

The past year has quite literally been a groundbreaking year for Novva Data Centers. From the grand opening of our Utah data center in September to acquisitions in the Western part of the country and more, the fruits of this team’s labor are more evident than ever as we glance back at our top three highlights of 2021.

Leaving A Footprint In The West

Novva founder and CEO Wes Swenson has said repeatedly —the West is the future for the data center industry. With eyes laser-focused on being dominant in the West, Novva made strategic and instrumental acquisitions in 2021 starting with its Colorado Springs center. The 190K sq ft, Tier 3+ center began leasing space immediately after the acquisition in August, allowing Novva to move into the Colorado market while being operational. While the campus is already impressive as it currently stands, there are plans to improve the center both in size and capabilities, all while keeping with Novva’s sustainability efforts by making the switch to renewable energy and waterless cooling.


The World Meets WIRE

Ahead of the opening of our Utah data center, Novva made headlines by introducing the world to its robot dog, WIRE. Working in sync with autonomous drones, WIRE is both futuristic and functional in its security and monitoring capabilities. Facial recognition software allows WIRE to check the security clearance of guests and greet them by name. Security is just the start, though. WIRE can carry out pre-programmed missions set by our developers to monitor equipment, including scanning the facility’s temperature and ensuring everything is working efficiently. While dystopian sounding in nature, WIRE enhances the human element by handling the repetitive tasks that would otherwise tie staff down, freeing them for other, more meaningful contributions to the center.

Breaking Ground In Utah

Arguably the largest and most exciting project of 2021 was the grand opening of Novva’s flagship data center in West Jordan, Utah. With every detail built from the ground up with purpose and intention, this center is the culmination of Swenson’s vision for the future of data centers and the industry as a whole. From a massive 100 acre campus to environmentally conscious waterless cooling and customizable suites that support workloads of up to 30MW, this is truly a space designed with the world and its people in mind. The momentous occasion was marked with a ribbon-cutting ceremony where visitors enjoyed good food, entertainment, and facility tours.


As exciting as 2021 has been, it’s just the beginning for the Novva team as we move full steam ahead into the new year.

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